Running in The Summer: How to Choose The Comfortable ECCO Shoes

Ask yourself – why do you need such shoes, what are you going to do? It is also important to understand that there are no universal sport shoes at the Ecco shoe store.

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Of course, you can jog in the morning and walk with your dog in the same pair of Ecco shoes, then sit in the office during whole day and in the evening go to a fitness center and to complete the daily cycle with the dancing at the nightclub. And to top it off the next day you can go in the same footwear to the country to digging up weeds. A week later, from your new shoes will remain only the laces, and you will write on the forums the disgruntled reviews, that the shoes of this brand seemed to you short-lived. Conclusion: The high-quality sports shoes from the Ecco shoe store must be used for its intended purpose or you should have several pairs for different purposes.

For running

Footwear for running is particularly popular, and almost all brand stores carry it in a separate category of sales. For example, the wide range of the high quality running shoes has Ecco shoe store. Shoes for outdoor running and the treadmill in the hall differ in their properties, but there is one thing in common: it must breathe. Typically in the production of the shoes for running in the hall are used the synthetic and textile materials, shoes are coated with the tissue with the form of a mesh with large pores for the better breathability.

The outdoor running shoes in the Ecco shoe store are created from the combination of elements and may comprise a lining of leather and suede for the protection from stones, sand and water. Its main difference is the coating with a textile fine mesh, which is well breathable and also prevents the getting of the dust. The sole of the shoes for running in the room is very soft and for the streets is a tough and durable, with corrugated surface for better contact with the ground.

For football

Do you play football? You will have to fork over studded boots. But there are nuances and these nuances depend on the surface where you play football, – on natural or artificial surfaces. The good companies such as Ecco shoe store have brands of boots with «high-speed» technologies for different surfaces. When choosing shoes note: the shoes should be made of the durable leather and the front parts must be stitched.

For active walks

Despite the seeming simplicity of the problem, to find the quality sports shoes for long walks and walking around the city in the Ecco shoe store is not so simple. It should combine comfort with practicality and protect the foot. Preference is given to footwear made of natural materials: leather, suede, nubuck. It is good, if the toe is reinforced with an additional layer of suede or rubber. Pay attention to the physiological footwear.

Velma Alexander, an independent blogger and the manager of the ECCO shoe store, is giving advice when choosing comfortable sport shoes.

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