Make Your Business More Discoverable

Local business listings mean that one can promote one’s business to local customers, who are often the most profitable and loyal customers. This idea stems from the age-old concept of advertising in the classified section of the local newspaper or yellow pages.


Increase Visibility

Most small business owners agree that being found on local search applications and directories is important but only about half of these business owners admit to updating their information on these listings as they have not made the time or effort to update their information. Clearly, small and local businesses face a major challenge when it comes to getting listed locally.

Read on for a few tips that will help you make the most out of your local business listings.

The increase in websites that are compatible with mobile phones has made consumers more tech savvy and proactive when searching for a local business. It is not surprising then that four out of five consumers in the United States now make use of search engines to find a local business. It is important to list your business in as many business directories as possible. Each business directory can be considered as a seperate market-place. The online market-place can be compared to a real world market-place – the more markets you sell your products in, the better your chances of being noticed. Think about it, chain stores usually open stores in every mall or city.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why should a providing the right information matter? Put simply accurate and consistent information, makes it easier for customers to find you. To get the best out of search engine optimization, make use of the NAP+W formula:

N – Name

A – Address

P – Phone Number

W -Website

Search engines use the NAP formula to verify the existence of a business. In order for the search engine to validate the presence of your local business, it must confirm that the information provided is correct.

So, for example, if your business name is Sheri’s Chocolate Treats, and you accidentally type Sheris’ Chocolate Treats – placing the apostrophe after the last S instead of before the last S then the business will be listed incorrectly. There are plenty of “cupcake” boutiques in New York City? And there is certainly no shortage of “Financial Services” institutions in Manhattan.

There are plenty of “cupcake” boutiques in New York City? And there is certainly no shortage of “Financial Services” institutions in Manhattan. In order for a business to be authentic, it has to have all three of these elements of crucial information – name, address, and phone – and they all have to correspond on every listing.

When verifying the NAP for your business ask yourself the following information:

  • Has your business ever changed names?
  • Has your business ever changed locations?
  • Have you ever the changed the contact number of your business?

Whether or not you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you should check out some of the local SEO citations and make sure that they are accurate and consistent. Below is an example of a local listing on a search engine.

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Tips on Operating and Maintaining Zippers in Good Condition By Zipper Shipper

Zipper shipper is a professional company who deal with sewing supplies. They have over ten years’ experience in dealing with zippers, buttons and all other sewing supplies. With that much experience, they know a lot about zippers and here they share some of the things that make it so hard for some people to operate or maintain the zippers in good condition.

Well, the basic rule is that the zipper must be of good quality. As such, it can last for a longer period of time. Again, when opening or closing a zipper, it is important that you calmly do so. The best way is to hold the zipper at the bottom and pull the slider gently. This way, the zipper remains in good working condition. Never force the zipper to open or close. This is one of the reasons why the zipper sometimes fails to budge.

Common issues with zippers and what you should do

  • Slider sliding on only one side of the zipper:Well you just need to make sure the pin is sliding in the retainer properly and then pull the slider
  • Zipper peeling at the bottom
  • Jammed zipper
  • Fabric getting caught in the zipper
  • Zipper self-opening

All these are some of the problems you can easily sort by replacing the zipper with high-quality zippers form zipper shipper. A designer may also help you repair the zippers if they are not badly damaged.

Amateur Fashion

When it comes to fashion, many of us find ourselves a bit lost. Fashion seems like sorcery to us, or, more accurately, science fiction. And, this is because fashion seems to consists of tall, skinny super models in retro futurists metallic dresses and jumpsuits walking down the runway, surrounded by colorful lights and techno music. It’s a scene that would be right at home in some schlocky B movie from the 40’s., only in technicolor. However, that’s not all fashion has to offer, as it affects us all. If you’re interested in fashion but wouldn’t be caught dead looking like a time traveller, this article is for you.

First and foremost, color is your friend. Many of us stick to blue jeans and tee shirts, and not particularly colorful shirts, at that. So, let’s use the blue jeans as a jumping off point, here. If you pair your jeans with a yellow shirt, yellow being blue’s complement on the color wheel, you’ll make both colors pop and bring the look to life. However, you could also attempt a more harmonious look by using other cool colors to “match” the blue. You  could use purple or green, or my personal favorite, a blue green color like teal.

You can also revamp your wardrobe to take your fashion to the next level. You don’t have to start dressing to the nines (speaking of the 40’s) to improve your look, but you could stand to replace your down to Earth with more classy articles of similar clothing. So, don’t be afraid to drop some money on some new threads from Express to elevate your look. With these tips in mind, hopefully you’ve found your way out of the woods and back onto the fashion trail.

Watch Costume Movies for Free

I must admit that costume drama is one of my guilty pleasures. It is always interesting to watch movies or drama series with the setting from different ages that what we are living today and the costumes are the ones to make it real. The British drama Downtown Abbey really gives clear picture about the Victorian era or the latest Dunkirk movie that shows the life of World War II troops. Watching costume drama is more than just enjoying the story but also learn about the historical setting.

There are so many costume drama films throughout the years that very interesting to watch and not to mention so many TV drama series from the same genre. I really enjoy watching costume drama on my leisure time and if you are wondering how can find those costume drama collections, well, the answer is very easy. I always count on This is a leading online movies site allowing everyone to stream and watch movie for free. There’s no need to sign up and no hassle to download the movies before you can watch it.

This is the best website for real movie lovers. It has tons of movies on its collections covering all genres and all productions years from many different countries. For someone like who love costume drama a lot, it is like a treasure cave. I can find and enjoy to watch wide selections of costume movies and drama series right from my computer browser without any hassle. I believe you will love those movies too. So, there’s no more reason to hesitate. You can find those amazing movie collections and watch it online here at From classic biblical movies to the Victorian romances, to American civil war era to World War era setting movies, you have so much options to choose.

Interesting facts about Birkenstock shoes

Spring-Summer 2017 season is one of the most contrasting: in addition to feminine silhouettes modern designers have presented the minimalist shapeless clothes in the streets along with the adjacent luxurious style of grunge and sport, in contrast to elegant ballerinas and shoes with pointed toes there are sneakers and slippers. That “ugly” as they are dubbed bS the people, sandals, which have long been chosen by elderly German tourists, has become one of the most stylish models of shoes this year. In this article we want to tell the story of the actual Birkenstocks shoe and how and what to wear with these orthopedic sandals.

Birkenstock shoe in the fashion history

For the first time, we saw these sandals at the shows of Marni, Givenchy and Céline. After that, the mass-market brands have picked up this trend and shelves of popular stores filled with the Birkenstock shoes. But surprisingly, it turned out that the shoes did not appear out of nowhere, and has a large graph in the history of fashion and fans around the world.

Birkenstock name comes from the German company Birkenstock, which during a hundred of years is producing the orthopedic shoes. The history of the brand Birkenstock shoe began in 1774. At that time in the town of Langenberg lived Johann Adam Birkenstock – shoemaker. The next mention of the dynasty of shoemakers was in 1896 – when a descendant of Adam Conrad Birkenstock already owned two shops of the author’s shoes in Frankfurt. In 1902, Conrad was the first, who introduced to the world the progenitors of modern Birkenstock shoe – shoes with an innovative soft footbed which repeats the bending of the feet.

Ten years later, to the business of his father joined the eldest son Karl and they began producing orthopedic shoes for the soldiers during the First World War. Manufacturing gained momentum and soon workshop of the Birkenstock replaced by the whole plant, which produced not only footwear but also the orthopedic insoles Blue Footbed, and in 1925 to Conrad Sr. and Charles Conrad joined Birkenstock Jr.
In the 60s came the first mass-market of models of orthopedic sandals called “Madrid” and after 10 years, the popularity of such footwear grew so that the company Birkenstock has developed the world’s first electro-mechanical machine that produces individual pads of any size in the right proportions. At the same time Karl came up with a flexible material used to make insoles and in our time – Birkocork.

In addition to the unique insole, the Birkenstock shoe has another feature – strap. Its development took three years and in 1983 the company received two patents for the design of their sandals.
In 1990 saw the light one of the most popular model of Birkenstock shoe – sandals Arizona with two straps. Those days for the harmless production it was recognized as the footwear of the year in the United States and then for the first time Birkenstock shoe began to emerge on the highest podium.

Archie Henry acts as a reviewer for a range of Internet publications, who shares opinion on a variety of fashion market topics for example – Birkenstock shoe and matters alike. A tireless traveler of Internet community and an influential blogger in all having to do with the fashion market.