Matching Jewelry Sets for My Bridal Party

When I got married a few years ago, I had ten women and girls in my bridal party in addition to myself. I have four sisters, so they were all bridesmaids. My oldest sister was my matron of honor. I also had her twin toddler daughters as the flower girls. The other four bridesmaids were my dearest friends. Since the wedding party was so large, I wanted to find some really nice but cheap jewelry that would go really well with their gowns. I was not going to settle for cheap jewelry that was not nice, so I thought I was going to have to look for a while to find what I wanted.

My search actually didn’t take me long at all though. I was talking it over with my mom, and she told me to go to the website where she buys some of her necklaces. I thought she ordered all of them from the jewelry store, so this made me feel good that I was not able to tell she was wearing jewelry that cost a fraction of the price that I thought she had. When I went to the jewelry website, I was amazed at what I found there!

My wedding colors were sapphire and pink, and I was able to find really nice sets where earrings and necklaces were included. It did not take me long to narrow my choice down to intertwined hearts or a princess figure eight. Though I really liked the double hearts, that was more appropriate for me. I decided to get them the princess figure eight, and they looked absolutely stunning when they wore them on my wedding day. I also got my bridesmaids a matching sapphire bracelet, and I even got myself a matching set because I just really liked how they looked.

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