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Spring-Summer 2017 season is one of the most contrasting: in addition to feminine silhouettes modern designers have presented the minimalist shapeless clothes in the streets along with the adjacent luxurious style of grunge and sport, in contrast to elegant ballerinas and shoes with pointed toes there are sneakers and slippers. That “ugly” as they are dubbed bS the people, sandals, which have long been chosen by elderly German tourists, has become one of the most stylish models of shoes this year. In this article we want to tell the story of the actual Birkenstocks shoe and how and what to wear with these orthopedic sandals.

Birkenstock shoe in the fashion history

For the first time, we saw these sandals at the shows of Marni, Givenchy and Céline. After that, the mass-market brands have picked up this trend and shelves of popular stores filled with the Birkenstock shoes. But surprisingly, it turned out that the shoes did not appear out of nowhere, and has a large graph in the history of fashion and fans around the world.

Birkenstock name comes from the German company Birkenstock, which during a hundred of years is producing the orthopedic shoes. The history of the brand Birkenstock shoe began in 1774. At that time in the town of Langenberg lived Johann Adam Birkenstock – shoemaker. The next mention of the dynasty of shoemakers was in 1896 – when a descendant of Adam Conrad Birkenstock already owned two shops of the author’s shoes in Frankfurt. In 1902, Conrad was the first, who introduced to the world the progenitors of modern Birkenstock shoe – shoes with an innovative soft footbed which repeats the bending of the feet.

Ten years later, to the business of his father joined the eldest son Karl and they began producing orthopedic shoes for the soldiers during the First World War. Manufacturing gained momentum and soon workshop of the Birkenstock replaced by the whole plant, which produced not only footwear but also the orthopedic insoles Blue Footbed, and in 1925 to Conrad Sr. and Charles Conrad joined Birkenstock Jr.
In the 60s came the first mass-market of models of orthopedic sandals called “Madrid” and after 10 years, the popularity of such footwear grew so that the company Birkenstock has developed the world’s first electro-mechanical machine that produces individual pads of any size in the right proportions. At the same time Karl came up with a flexible material used to make insoles and in our time – Birkocork.

In addition to the unique insole, the Birkenstock shoe has another feature – strap. Its development took three years and in 1983 the company received two patents for the design of their sandals.
In 1990 saw the light one of the most popular model of Birkenstock shoe – sandals Arizona with two straps. Those days for the harmless production it was recognized as the footwear of the year in the United States and then for the first time Birkenstock shoe began to emerge on the highest podium.

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