Get Volume and Style with Short Layered Hairstyles

Layers are almost like magic if you have unruly hair or fine tresses. These days, there are so many trendy layered looks, there is something to make everyone look fantastic. These short layered hairstyles are low-maintenance and all-around stylish. Go for something romantic and soft, or a cut with an intriguing, mysterious look.

Get tremendous dimension and texture with these short layered hairstyles. Plus, trending highlights, lowlights and color add even more to your look. You’ll be ready for anything with one of these amazing styles.

Short Layered Hairstyles

Stylish Volume with Short Layered Hairstyles

  1. TexturedLayeredBob

If you have thick hair and have been looking for something to tame those locks, look no further. Textured layers reduce the volume of your hair and shape them into a lovely style. Go with or without bangs to show the world your personality.

  1. Medium-LengthBobwithHighlights

Get the best of both worlds with one of these short layered haircuts. Keep your length on the side for versatile styling options. Some shorter side-swept bangs give you a face-framing effect. And add a few highlights for an even more unique style.

  1. BlondeLayers

Have you ever wondered why so many blondes have tons of volume? Turns out that the lighter color adds volume to fine hair. So opt for some layers and texture when you looking at short layered haircuts. Then get a stunning blonde color to give you that bounce you’ve been looking for.

  1. NeatAsymmetricalBob

Bobs are one of the most popular short layered haircuts around. And the sharp asymmetrical version gives your fine hair some much-needed volume. Wispy bangs turn your style into a fashion plate, and a little color adds some more dimension to your locks.

  1. LayeredBack

Add some extra interest to your hair with layers in back too. That extra volume in back gives short layered haircuts a rounded, classic look. Short layered haircuts are super low maintenance. And you will love the compliments too.

  1. TexturedOmbre

This beautiful technique is gorgeous on short layered haircuts. Lighter on top with darker ends gives you that deep dimension you have been looking for. With eye-catching color and short textured style, you will get the attention of the room when you walk in.

  1. ShoulderLengthLayers

Try shoulder length layers for some real volume.  Longer layers give you volume on top and thinner manageable ends. Plus, a little color makes short layered haircuts pop with excitement. Sogoahead. Indulge!

  1. LongLayeredBangs

Remember that you can get your bangs layered too. Bangs bring out your eyes. And longer, layered side-swept bangs frame your face for an incredible look. Get some new eye makeup if you really want to make an impression since these bangs draw attention to your eyes.

Short Layered Hairstyles 2

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