5 Ways to Express Your Love for Your Brother this Rakhi

Siblings are the best gift given to us by our parents and we could never be thankful enough for this priceless gift. Though they fight, they tease each other, but they are also the ultimate support that will stand by each other’s side no matter what. And we can understand that words might fall short while expressing your feelings to each other, that’s the reason here are some ways that will help you speak your heart out to your dear brother.

  • Have Dinner at your favorite Restaurant

This day is meant for celebration, so why not do it like the old times? You can go out for dinner to your favorite place where you spend your childhood relishing your comfort food. This is a perfect way to revisit old memories and celebrate the day in a nostalgic vibe while spending some quality time with your dear sibling.  Also, for dinner you can get a bunch of chocolates or cake that will make the occasion sweeter and merrier.

  • Go to an Amusement Park

Going for outings is something that you have done a dozen times with your brother, but this time it’s all about walking down the memory lane. So a visit to an amusement or theme park will surely make you go back to the days that hold a special place in your heart. You can also plan a picnic to enjoy the day to the fullest. Don’t forget to pack a box full of cupcakes to add up more flavor to the occasion.

  • Exchange gifts

One of the best ways to let your brother know the kind of love you hold in your heart for him, is to pamper him with some presents. You would surely know what kind of products he likes, so it won’t be hard for you to pick up some Rakhi gifts for your brother that he will truly adore. So why not get him a wallet or a watch that will also be something that would also prove to be useful for him in the long run.

  • Let the pictures do the talking

A picture is capable of evoking emotions and thus it makes for an ideal gift for someone who is close to your heart. You can make a slideshow of all the lovely pictures of you and your brother that will surely something that he will cherish all his life. If you wish to get some desserts after, you can customize them as well and get your photos printed on them. These little gestures are enough to make your brother realize his worth in your heart.

  • Compete with each other at the Gaming Zone

We are sure that you two were competitive in your childhood days and that might have played a great role in your growth. It is good to compete with sibling until it helps you in progressing. So like the old days, you can go to a gaming zone and unleash your inner child. But also remember, to play all the games with sportsmen spirit and do not keep any grudges as this day is all about celebrations.

If your brother could not make it for this day, don’t worry you can get a Rakhi delivery online and mark your presence even when you are far away.

We hope that you will have a joyful Rakhi celebration and this day will be cherished by you both for a lifetime.

How to Attract Gen Z Brides to Your Jewellery Business

These days, one of your biggest clients is women getting married. Whether they’re walking into your brick-and-mortar store to try on the perfect earrings to match the wedding ring the second they put it on or going through your online catalogue searching for matching friendship bracelets for the bridesmaids to wear on the big day, they’re always willing to spend a little extra for jewellery that other clients might wait to buy for another day. Business is always going well during the wedding season–but now you’ve met a challenge: the brides of Generation Z.

 Also known as the “always on, on demand” generation, the youngest generation in America is now entering their early 20s–which means that the oldest of them are starting to get married. But how do you attract them to your jewellery business, when they’re so careful about how they spend their money? Here’s how:

 1 Be real

 Gen Zers, according to computerworld.uk, are “more risk averse than their predecessors… They’re a savvy bunch with realistic expectations and a no-nonsense approach.” They’re the kind of generation that goes straight to smoking Juul e-cigarettes because of the reviews they’ve read online and the studies they’ve researched about how much healthier that is than regular cigarettes.  They’re not going to buy something because they’ve seen an ad for it–in fact, 69 percent of them think ads are disruptive, so writing an ad isn’t going to work.

 Instead, you’ll want to provide them with real, honest information about your jewellery. For example, if you’re only using lab-made diamonds now, instead of those sold through the blood diamond trade, write a blog post about why this is an important ethical choice to you. If there’s a new design you’re selling, explain why you love it–and include as many pictures and information about it as possible, so that they can complete their research.

 2 Tell a story–and tell it on social media

 According to mediakix, instead of traditional advertisements, what Gen Zers prefer in the marketing world are “authenticity and realistic narrative in advertisements. This is evidenced by Generation Z’s preference for influencer marketing. 63 percent of Generation Z would prefer to see social media influencers in advertisements where only 37 percent of Generation Z would prefer celebrities.” They relate a huge amount to movies like The Social Network and People You May Know–because they spend so much time online, where they catch up on their friends’ stories (and influencers’ stories) on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

 So if you can get in touch with an influencer, pay them or give them some free merch in exchange for reviewing your product, you’ll get lots of new interest from Gen Z brides. You’ll want to post often on your blog, telling stories about your business–for example, a video of how a necklace is made, from start to finish–and sharing on all relevant social media platforms. Use the story features of Snapchat and Instagram, and consider buying some ad space from popular Instagram accounts that Gen Zers are already following.

 3 Make it about the experience

 Considering how much attention this generation requires, focusing on the actual experience of your product–and not the product itself–is going to make a huge difference in your marketing efforts. According to Deep Patel, entrepreneur and bestselling author, “Gen Zers are the first generation that has never known life without easy Internet access…they recognize the value of their attention. They don’t sit through ads. They don’t give heavily sponsored content the time of day. What they’re looking for is value.” If you’re a brick-and-mortar store, consider inviting Gen Z brides for free tests of your jewellery, and even creating faux-diamonds for jewellery they can take home to model with the dresses they’ve got there.

 If you’re an online jewellery store, this might be more of a challenge–but luckily, technological advancements make this easier. After all, Oberlo.com’s got a list of 40 t-shirt mockup templates for online stores that want to show how their clothing would look like on a model, even when they don’t have the money to hire one. Consider creating an app, using a service like AppyPie, where customers can take a selfie and “try on” your jewellery digitally.

 4 The customer’s always right

 Especially when it comes to Gen Z, the customer is most definitely always right. According to thebalance.com, “This group understands that they are teens (young). But, they believe that they are armed with more power (and intelligence) [than] their older siblings and parents… Which means they expect you to treat them like they are 30 and not 20. Customer experience is everything to this generation.”

 It’s no surprise, then, that customer service interactions over Twitter increased 250 percent from 2015 to 2017–we’re all so connected that we’re expecting customer service to be a 24/7 affair. So take your customers seriously, reply immediately, and consider using chatbots so you can always answer queries.

 As you can see, by following these strategies, you’re sure to get some Gen Z brides rushing to buy jewellery from your business.

 What strategies are you most excited to use to attract Gen Z brides to your jewellery business?

Get Volume and Style with Short Layered Hairstyles

Layers are almost like magic if you have unruly hair or fine tresses. These days, there are so many trendy layered looks, there is something to make everyone look fantastic. These short layered hairstyles are low-maintenance and all-around stylish. Go for something romantic and soft, or a cut with an intriguing, mysterious look.

Get tremendous dimension and texture with these short layered hairstyles. Plus, trending highlights, lowlights and color add even more to your look. You’ll be ready for anything with one of these amazing styles.



Short Layered Hairstyles

Stylish Volume with Short Layered Hairstyles

  1. TexturedLayeredBob

If you have thick hair and have been looking for something to tame those locks, look no further. Textured layers reduce the volume of your hair and shape them into a lovely style. Go with or without bangs to show the world your personality.

  1. Medium-LengthBobwithHighlights

Get the best of both worlds with one of these short layered haircuts. Keep your length on the side for versatile styling options. Some shorter side-swept bangs give you a face-framing effect. And add a few highlights for an even more unique style.

  1. BlondeLayers

Have you ever wondered why so many blondes have tons of volume? Turns out that the lighter color adds volume to fine hair. So opt for some layers and texture when you looking at short layered haircuts. Then get a stunning blonde color to give you that bounce you’ve been looking for.

  1. NeatAsymmetricalBob

Bobs are one of the most popular short layered haircuts around. And the sharp asymmetrical version gives your fine hair some much-needed volume. Wispy bangs turn your style into a fashion plate, and a little color adds some more dimension to your locks.

  1. LayeredBack

Add some extra interest to your hair with layers in back too. That extra volume in back gives short layered haircuts a rounded, classic look. Short layered haircuts are super low maintenance. And you will love the compliments too.

  1. TexturedOmbre

This beautiful technique is gorgeous on short layered haircuts. Lighter on top with darker ends gives you that deep dimension you have been looking for. With eye-catching color and short textured style, you will get the attention of the room when you walk in.

  1. ShoulderLengthLayers

Try shoulder length layers for some real volume.  Longer layers give you volume on top and thinner manageable ends. Plus, a little color makes short layered haircuts pop with excitement. Sogoahead. Indulge!

  1. LongLayeredBangs

Remember that you can get your bangs layered too. Bangs bring out your eyes. And longer, layered side-swept bangs frame your face for an incredible look. Get some new eye makeup if you really want to make an impression since these bangs draw attention to your eyes.




Short Layered Hairstyles 2

New Jersey – Entertainment Center On The East Coast

Are you heading to NJ for a business trip? Or simply you are just searching for a local town to check out for a quick periods from function and everyday stress? Together with your budget at heart, we certainly believe New Jersey is certainly a great and affordable local holiday spot that you will most definitely appreciate with or without needing bus rental.

New Jersey is normally a favorite tourist destination due to the wide amount of attractions like museums, lighthouses and various other historically significant landmarks. Nevertheless, there is even more to NJ than just that. Additionally it is called an entertainment hub due to the multitude of casinos, theaters, world-famous cafes and restaurants possessed and run by well-known chefs and cooks not to mention, many people come right here merely for the purchasing. You can get branded stuff at inexpensive prices during product sales and campaigns…prices of the branded stuff are occasionally only half of everything you will get overseas. No question the town continues to draw bus rental NJ clients from all walks of lifestyle all year round, irrespective of time of the entire year.

Since it is often said, an excellent casino isn’t built on gambling alone. You wish the spa, the resort, the pool, the world class facilities, the restaurants, the seaside and the night lifestyle along with it as well. For this, you will need to utilize a bus rental NJ vehicle rental program and head to a location like Harrah’s Holiday resort in Atlantic warranty you that you will not want to keep it. As it pertains time to have a break from all of the fun at the poker tables, the spa and pool beckons you invitingly.

Another fun move to make when you are in a break in NJ is golfing. It issues not really whether you are aware of the game, is an expert or can be an amateur. The view of the yard is intoxicating since it is. Atlantic Town Country Club may be the number one course in the town for a good reason. There is absolutely no membership included and in case you are there to play for a time, you purchase the could it be. No hidden costs, no annual renewal fees. We’ve had our bus rental NJ clients who are newbies getting addicted to golf after playing as of this golf course.

The Showboat in Atlantic Town is another main attraction here. The party can be on, everyday, 24/7 and it’s been named among the top entertainment choices in the globe. This Mardi Gras Internet casino offers a lot more than poker and roulettes. There exists a spa, a resort with a magnificent view of the seashores and shoreline and a rooftop pool.

We sincerely wish that you’ll have a splashing great time if you are here in NJ.

How To Be More Productive

One of the most pressing issue in modern times is that of productivity. Many jobs require that you constantly be productive, or that you, at the very least, produce as much as you can. Whether it’s for personal growth, or for your job, being productive is incredibly important to us as human beings. Not only do we have many temptations in front of us daily when we’re working in the form of media, the internet, and more, but it’s difficult to focus and train your mind to stay focused when you need to the most. Here are the top tips for staying and being more productive everyday.

The first, and maybe the most valuable lesson when it comes to productivity  is to make sure that  you’re getting adequate sleep and exercise. By making sure that you have enough sleep and exercise, although you will have less time in the day to work, you will be more productive and get more things done while you are working. This is important to remember because if you’re someone who wants to focus on what they want out of life, it’s a great way to make sure that you’re taking care of your mind and body. Not only will more rest and exercise be better for your body, making you have to take less sick days, and feel less tired, but you’ll also feel better and happier while you are being productive.

Another way to be more productive is to set up a schedule for yourself and stick to it. When it comes to scheduling things, you will be more productive the more detailed you are in your schedule. There are many great apps that you can download onto your smartphone that help with this, but it’s also a good idea to keep a physical journal or agenda that has what you need in it. A popular activity for productivity that is gaining popularity is the  bullet journal. This is where people make their own journals and customize it to fit their own personal lives. There are many different formats that you can choose from when it comes to bullet journalling, but whatever the case, having a pen and paper and having to sit down and write down everything that you need to do will help you remember and plan out your ideas. It’s also a good idea to journal as well. When you journal in the mornings or before you get to work, not only will you be getting more ideas on paper that can help in the future, but this can also help with clearing out the things that are going  through our minds that distracts us from working.

When it comes to being productive, it’s also a good idea to make sure that you understand the importance of the tasks that you’re doing and organize them within a hierarchy. Always tackle your most important tasks first, and these can be harder to motivate yourself to do, and you can end up putting them off for longer periods of time. When it comes to the things lower down on the list, or things that are easy but time consuming, consider delegating that work to other people. For example, getting your checks and more from Deluxe  For Business is a great way to take stress of your shoulders and have more time for more important work.